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Dandana TV understands the need to be a part of the community by providing you, the viewer, with the need-to-know about Middle Easterners living in North America. That is why we, at Dandana TV, offer live talk shows and updates that will keep you in the know.

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Top Ten

Stay on top of the Middle-Eastern music industry news by tuning to Top Ten and finding out who is hot and who is…well…less hot. Join our host Yassmin Sherif every week and get the latest stars’ updates while enjoying the top ten videos on the Arabic music scene.

Dandana TV values your opinion and is giving you the chance to be the judge of what songs go on the countdown so e-mail us and tell us who you think should be the winner at TopTen@Dandana.TV


Will bring all the fun & drama stories exactly as is...no censorship or beautification to your home screen. By tuning into Dandana TV every Monday and Thursday evening at 7PM Est. Liza saves you hours of daily browsing and reading Middle Eastern entertainment news and highlights major headlines. Only on FnFun you can Hear and See in video the latest News, Rumors, conflicts & scandals of the Arab entertainment world icons.

If you would like to participate in providing material and further investigation on a certain subject in the program, please send an email to Liza@Dandana.TV

Arab-American Beat

'Arab American Beat' is a wild ride through the nightlife of the music industry and culture. The ‘Arab American Beat’ is the only show offering the inside scoop into the hip happenings taking place within Arab American landscape. From covering local community events and celebrating talented artists, to highlighting the cross-cultural metamorphous and profiling the hottest establishments nationwide! Every episode reflects the rich and emerging Arab American identity by leaning on the cultural inspiration that’s rooted within. Produced & Hosted by Joseph Naggiar, Tuesday's at 8pm.

If there is an event you think the “Arab American Beat” should cover, send us an e-mail to Info@Dandana.TV

Dandana Magazine

A live discussion program premiers every Monday 8PM Est. Hosted by Dania Deri.

Through 'Dandana Magazine' Your voice is heard and our cameras will magnify all your efforts and productivity as a community.

Our full media attention highlights the active lifestyle of Arab Americans in the USA by covering various events, meetings & seminars from religious, holiday, non-profit organizations, embassies, educational campaigns, and classic music icons.

Mobasher Ma3a Amr

Amr Altahawi is the host of 'Live with Amr' Wednesday's at 8pm Est. A reflection on the lives of Middle Easterners.

'Live with Amr' is the show that dares to raise questions and elevate debates on global events and their reflection on the lives of the Middle Easterners wherever they might be in the world. Live with Amr is breaking new grounds by presenting worldly issues from the perspective of the Arab-American.

There is no room for wishy-washiness in these live conversations as Amr seeks to unveil the reality of things. International Politics, Middle Eastern Governments, Religions, the many faces of Arabic entertainment as well as the most significant current events will all be out in the open from America through 'Live with Amr'.

E-mail us your comments, opinions and subjects you would like to hear about at Amr@Dandana.TV

The 4th Estate

The 4th Estate will covers the North African regions political and social issues. Due to the importance of Great Maghreb community in North America is to us, this show will cover the first Arabic revolution that started in Tunisia and spread to neighboring countries. As well as other important issues in Morocco and Algeria through hot debates and free voices in a very unique style using video chat with the program's guests from all over the world. the 4th Estate show with its unique style using video chat professional debate, will be the linking bridge between the Arab American community and the rest of the world community leaders in an open platform without censors or boundaries.

The 4th Estate show host Riad El Tunsi specializes in the north African history and political science, will bring the hottest subjects for discussion on the table, unscripted with the straight forward truth every Friday at 2:00 pm Est time.

View show clips: here

Liberation Square

Liberation Square is a one hour live political talk show every Sunday afternoon where everyone is free to voice thier opinions, where politicians will be held accountable for thier decisions, and where demonstration will be transformed into democracy

View show clips: here

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